Grim Existence

by Life Exposed

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released August 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Life Exposed Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Reflections II
A poisoned mind set, a parasitic existence.
Unaware of who is pulling the strings.
You see what you want to see fearing what you hear.
A vast looming darkness, all clarity lost.
I turned to the skies for answers.
Death calls to me. As I crawl at his feet.
I recognize these demons by he lies in their venomous smiles.
Guided down a path of misery.
Their laughs grow louder as my fate becomes increasingly dim.
Trapped with in a desolate place. I am worthless, left to rot.
Track Name: Waste
I am drawn into a void where consciousness brings only pain
Upon my weakness leeches feed, draining me of all empathy.
Crumbling beneath the weight of my failures.
No new beginnings when the outcome is always the same.
Dead inside, Reduced to waste.
Cloaked hands pull me closer to the end.
A burden to life, condemned to misery.
I pray for death but death never comes.
Track Name: Plague
Lead to water, baptized in filth.
Gasping for air, lungs turn to rust.
Blinded by faith, masked in denial.
Consumed by lies of divinity.
Self righteous men spew hate.
Spewing their prejudice,
while begging for forgiveness.
The Plague’s dissension.
Track Name: Vultures
Choking on words from putrid mouths.
Sliding off of their forked tongues.
Secrets lay behind masks, forged in the anxieties of a mislead population.
Staring from their perches as the noose tightens around your neck.
Shadows blanket sun as bodies line the streets to fulfill their needs.
Track Name: Grim Existence
Howling deception lingers in the thoughts of it's creator.
Digging and tearing to scratch at the surface.
Sifting through fragments of lies, we tell to ourselves.
Nothing but a rotting corpse remains,
when pain is the only thing that is real.
To live is to suffer. Shrouded in hatred.
Doomed to a grim existence.
Track Name: Tombs
Time passes by as the world around me decays.
The absence of sound is near deafening.
My thoughts become dim and will weakens.
Suffering rides the winds of the coming storm.
Cool air chills my bones, I cry out under pale grey skies.
As these days fade to darkness hatred seeps from the crack in my weathered skin.
Buried beneath the silence, I struggle to keep my head above this abyss.
That has become my tomb. Consumed in nihility.
Slowly withering. I am nothing
Track Name: Extinction
Fear manufactured as certainty.
Innocents spent oppressed.
Unknowing victims punished for crimes of their pedigree.
Caged with in the thoughts of feeble minded men.
Endless persecution reigns on the mute.
Outlawed, eradicated.
Ignorance pulls the string of the killing machine.
Track Name: Depleting
Build to destroy, preparing for the harvest.
Pawns in deaths design.
Fragile minds lumber aimless,
until the symptoms of existence become too much..
Abandonment of compassion.
Left to die, trying just to survive.
No merciful end in waiting to extinguish.